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Single Letter Toppers (starting at $)

Single Initial Cake Topper Size

Single Letter Cake Topper

Groom's Last Name Initial

Single letters are available in four sizes; 3, 4, 5 and 6 inches tall. The size of the top cake tier is what should influence your decision in selecting the proper Topper height. The top tier is usually 6 inches, but check with your baker if you're unsure. For letters wider than they are tall, use these rules of thumb:

  • A 5" Topper is usually the perfect proportion, especially if you select a curly or italicized font. If you want to play is safe, a 5" should do the trick!
  • Go with a 6" if you want to really draw attention to your Topper!
  • 4" Toppers should be reserved for 4" tiers.
  • 3" mini toppers are available specifically for cupcake towers.

Regardless of the height you pick, I see to it that the width of the letter does not go over the edges of your cake by more than an inch. I'll make any custom changes necessary to ensure that, just make sure to let me know what size cake I'm dealing with.

Three Letter Monogram Cake Toppers (starting at $)

Monogram Cake Topper Size


Bride's First Name Initial /

Groom's Last Name Initial /

Groom's First Name Initial

Modern Monogram Cake Topper Size


Bride's First Name Initial /

Ampersand /

Groom's First Name Initial

Birthday Cake Topper


First Name Initial /

Birthday Numerals

Default Heights


These are the standard heights. If your top tier is smaller than 6 inches the monogram can be scaled down to fit perfectly.

Anniversary Cake Toppers (starting at $)

Anniversary Cake Topper Size


Double Digit Topper

Whether you are celebrating a significant birthday or years of marriage, the anniversary topper is comprised of any two numbers (16, 25, 50, etc) and is available in either 4" or 5" height.

Custom Themed Cake Toppers

Custom Snowflake Cake Topper Size

Custom Topper


If you're using a custom logo (napkins, invitations, etc) and would like to see if it's possible to make into a cake topper, send your design to me!

If your event has a specific theme to it, simple shapes can sometimes be turned into a unique, one-of-a-kind cake topper. Not all designs are possible though, contact me with your idea to find out.

Also check out my custom work page to get more ideas.

Font Suggestions

Simpler fonts are better suited for the 3 letter monograms. The busier the letters look, the less legible they are. The exact opposite is true for single letter fonts, which is why I have such a large variety of styles to choose from.

Note: I have many more fonts available on my fonts page, these are just suggestions of popular choices.

You may notice my font names don't look like traditional font names, I use different names that are easier to remember. If you have a specific font being used in your wedding or you don't see a font you like please contact me.

3 Letter (Different fonts)

Center Initial








Outer Initials





3 Letter (Same font)