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Toppers With Glitz FAQs

Custom Seahorses Cake Topper

Custom Seahorses Cake Topper

Why should I order from Toppers With Glitz?

See the Why Choose Us page for the many reasons.

Is it less expensive to get Partial Crystal Coverage?

Partially covered toppers are the same price as fully covered toppers. The reason for this is while I do use less crystals on a partially covered topper, I take much more time designing the layout so that the covered sections flow and don't look haphazard. A lot of effort goes in to ensuring my partially covered toppers look coordinated and like a set (especially when there is more than one letter).

Can you make a Topper out of a font or shape that isn't shown on your website?

Yes! If you supply us the font file, I can usually make your cake topper using that font free of charge. For a small design fee, I can also make customized changes to any font like adding curls and loops, making the letter more bold, decreasing the width of letter, etc.

For themed events, I can also suggest and create shapes to be used for your cake topper instead of a monogram. Hearts for Valentines Day, snowflakes for winter wonderland, leaves for the fall... there are many possibilities. Not every shape is possible, though, see the Custom Work page for details.

How far in advance do I need to order my crystal monogram cake topper?

Normally, because each monogram cake topper is custom manufactured and hand assembled, it will take somewhere between 3 and 4 weeks from the time your order is placed to when your topper is received. If that's past your date, I do accept rush orders and will make every effort to meet your deadline. See the next question for more details on rushing your order. Otherwise, the Lead Time Calendar shows what dates would be considered rush.

Do you accept rush orders?

I absolutely honor rush orders! While most of the time it takes about 4 weeks between when you order and when you can expect your topper, if you're flexible in your choices I can sometimes have it ready within a week. It's not possible in all cases, and requires that I have a suitable option on-hand, but I usually have something available. If I receive an order I can't meet, you'll know within one business day of placing your order. I'll contact you immediately with alternative options, or offer a full refund. If you're worried about making your date, don't hesitate to contact me. I've never missed a promised event date, so you're in good hands. Note that rush shipping will be automatically calculated based on the Event Date entered in the Order Form.

Why does it take 3-4 weeks?

I do keep some of the most common fonts and sizes available for immediate use, but for truly custom cake toppers it takes between 1 and 2 weeks for the letters to be cut by a machinist. Another full week is dedicated to crystal application and drying time, with an additional week allowed for shipping. All of this work means it can take up to 4 weeks to receive your topper. There are some exceptions to this, but these are generally reserved only for meeting otherwise unattainable wedding dates.

When should I order my Topper?

Purchasing your cake topper is one of the things that you can accomplish early on in your wedding planning. I encourage you to order as soon as you have your color scheme decided and your cake picked out. Keep in mind it can take up to 4 weeks to receive your topper.

Can I make changes after I order?

Font and height changes are normally not possible as I order the custom parts soon after your order is placed so that I can begin work as soon as possible and meet my delivery commitment to you. Color changes, however, are usually possible up to a week after placing your order and I'm always happy to offer my suggestions. Email me to find out if I can still work with yours.

Do you accept payment by means other than credit card or paypal?

Although I have not experienced any "foul play" with online payments, I understand if you are uncomfortable sending payment over the Internet and will take your payment details over the phone or accept a money order (time permitting). On rare occasion, payment by personal check can be arranged. Work on your order cannot begin until the money order is received or until the personal check has cleared, which is likely to delay shipping by 1-2 weeks.

Cake Topper

Sidney - Light Topaz,

Silk, Crystal, Light Topaz AB

Can I send a deposit?

Due to the custom nature of these products, payment must be made in full before an order can be processed. There are no exceptions.

Do you give refunds or make exchanges?

Because each Cake Topper is custom made, refunds and exchanges are not accepted unless a Topper is presented to you with a defect. Please review our Policies page for details.

Do you ship outside the US?

I routinely ship products internationally. Shipping charges will be automatically adjusted when placing your order. If you do not see your country listed when placing your order, contact me.

Please note that there may be import fees in your country (for example VAT in the UK) that you may be responsible for.

What size Monogram Cake Topper should I order?

Although each wedding cake is unique in its appearance, the sizes of wedding cake tiers are pretty standard. The size of the top tier is what should influence your decision in selecting the proper monogram cake topper height. The top cake tier is usually 4, 6 or 8 inches with the majority being 6 inches. A 5 inch monogram topper is usually the perfect proportion, especially if you select a curly/italicized font. Regardless of the height you pick, I see to it that the width of the letter does not go over the edges of your cake by more than an inch and will make any custom changes necessary to ensure that as long as you tell me what size cake I'm working with. If you want to really draw attention to your monogram topper, go with a 6 inch but if you want to play it safe, a 5 inch should do the trick! 4 inch monograms should be reserved for 4" tiers.

Monogram Cake Topper Example Mock

Example Mock (reduced size)

I am undecided on what font(s) or colors to choose. Can I see how my monogram cake topper is going to look?

For those unsure about fonts, a one time electronic "mock" is offered upon email request. For the mock I will arrange and proportion the options you are considering so that you can see exactly how your letters will look in various fonts when properly laid out. Please keep in mind that color choices cannot be incorporated into a mock (all mocks are sent via email, see the example on the right.)

These mocks do take time to put together, so I ask that you limit your possibilities to three or four combinations. If you're having trouble narrowing it down that much, make sure to check out the Preview Page. It allows you to see fonts side-by-side to get an estimate of how well they'll compliment each other. If you're still having trouble, feel free to contact me for suggestions.

If you're not sure on your colors I offer complementary samples for matching (up to ten). The Crystal Colors page contains a form at the bottom you can use to request them.

Do the letters come as one solid piece or separate?

Unless otherwise specified, each letter is its own piece so that it can be placed appropriately on a wider range of cake styles and sizes. They can be placed all in a line with no overlap (if the cake is large enough) or overlapping to create depth on top of the cake. Some brides prefer a solid look however, and those are generally treated as Custom Work, where letters are cut from the same piece of metal for a 'welded' look.

What kind of stakes are included with the topper?

By default each letter is supported by very thin stainless steel stakes 3" in length. These slide easily into the cake, and are removable after the wedding. If needed, the stakes can be made longer or shorter to accomodate unusual mounting, please let me know if this is the case with your order.

How much do the toppers weigh?

I've never heard any negative feedback from bakers with regard to the weight of the topper, but I get this question a lot. For those interested here are the approximate weights of various toppers with crystals and stakes:
Single letter 5", 1/8" thick:2-3 oz.
3 letter monogram, 1/8" thick:3-5 oz.
5" letter, 3/8" thick:4-5 oz.
3 letter monogram, 3/8" thick:8-9 oz.

For comparison, 1 oz. is about the same as $1.25 worth of quarters.

Do you wholesale?

Each of my pieces is so labor intensive that I can't offer what would be considered a typical wholesale discount. I do, however, have an Referral Program for those interested.