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Bouquet Jewelry and Crystallized Server Sets

Crystallized Server Sets and Bouquet Jewelry were added to my product line in 2007 and made their debut in Swarovski's promotional "Crystal Wedding To Remember" event in Paris in January 2008.

Coordinated Serving Sets (Starting at $)

Cross cake topper

Amethyst, Fuchsia, Light Amethyst, Crystal (faded)

Cross cake topper

Blue Zircon, Blue Zircon AB, Aqua, Chrysolite (faded)

Crystalling the handles of your cake server set is a great way to tie the entire cake table together while keeping your monogram cake topper as the focal point.

I have selected server sets that are broad enough to hold a nice amount of crystals and flat and smooth enough for the crystals to adhere well. The sets are silver plated and include engraving of your first names and wedding date on the knife blade.

Handles will be crystallized in the same crystal colors that are selected for your monogram cake topper, in an even blend, unless you specify other color choices or instructions. Fading the colors from darkest to lightest can be done (pictured right) but is only possible when 3 or more colors are used and contrast is low. For example, fading Rose to Light Rose to Crystal would come out well whereas Black Diamond, Siam, and Crystal can only be blended. See more pictures at the bottom of this page.

Cross cake topper


Bouquet Jewelry: Bouquet Stems or Stem Pins (Starting at $)

Server sets and Bouquet Jewelry are available to order from the website when accompanied with a monogram cake topper order or by themselves.

Bouquet Jewelry

Bouquet Jewelry

Vicki - Light Topaz,

Gold Shadow, Light Peach, Silk

Personalizing your bouquet is a unique detail that helps set your wedding apart and is an original way to recognize your attendants (since they get to keep them!). Each letter is just under 2" and comes with a clasp on the back. It can be pinned to the bouquet stem, or, floral wire can be added by your florist so that it can be part of the floral arrangement itself. The clasps allow for the letters to later be used as a brooch!

Due to the miniature size of the letters, bouquet jewelry is cut from a thinner (1/16") aluminum. So that the clasps can be kept minimally visible, bouquet jewelry is only offered in fonts that are bold enough to disguise the clasps effectively (Melissa, Sidney and Vicki). Bouquet letters will be crystallized in the same crystal colors that are selected for your topper unless you specify other color choices or instructions (use the special instructions field when ordering). Using Crystal is usually a good choice so that the letters "pop" and don't clash (or blend!) with the flowers.

Bouquet Stems or Stem Pins

Bouquet Jewelry

Melissa - Crystal

Champagne Toasting Flutes (clear crystal only, $ per set)

Crystal Toasting Flutes

Crystal Toasting Flutes

I have been searching since early 2007 for toasting flutes that complement my existing products. The idea of applying crystals directly to glass has never seemed adequate. The transparency of the glass and the odd appearance of bumps on the smooth surface made it appear inelegant. I'm so excited that I've finally found a product that alleviates my concerns.

While I haven't found a solution for multi-colored flutes (yet), these should go well with any toppers utilizing clear crystals either as the only color or as an accent.

These flutes come silver plated only, sold in sets of two, and can be ordered with or without a cake topper on the order page. Each flute is roughly ten inches tall.

Crystalled Server Set and Crystal Toasting Flutes Close Up

Crystal Cake Trim ($ per inch)

Crystal Cake Trim
Sidney Cake Trim

The crystal trim is a flexible strip of clear crystals, 6 crystals wide (1 inch). It's sold by the inch so you can get exactly the amount needed, but is only available in clear crystal. The trim is easily cut using a normal pair of scissors by you or your baker.

It's not yet possible to order the trim through the web site, but you can fill out the form below and we can take it from there! (Note that the form will round up slightly to ensure you have enough for minor inaccuracies in cake dimensions.)

Cake Trim Graphic
 Crystal Cake Trim
Tier Tier
Diameter (round)
Length of side (square)
Tier 1 inches 0 inches
Tier 2 inches 0 inches
Tier 3 inches 0 inches
Tier 4 inches 0 inches
Tier 5 inches 0 inches
Tier 6 inches 0 inches
Total     0 inches

Crystal cake trim typically works out to be about $100 per tier. A cost saving idea for incorporating the trim is to wrap only every other tier.

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More Pictures

Crystalled Server Sets

Light Rose, Light Rose AB, Crystal (faded)

Crystalled Server Sets

Light Topaz, Peridot, Silk, Topaz (blended)

Crystalled Server Sets

Crystal, Chrysolite, Fuchsia, Light Rose (blended)

Crystalled Server Sets

Erinite, Peridot, Chrysolite, Crystal (faded)

Cross cake topper

Crystal, Crystal AB (blended)