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Owner and Designer
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Welcome to Toppers With Glitz; home of custom designed crystal monogram cake toppers, MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. Each Topper is made to exceed your expectations and is handmade by me, Sari (pronounced like "Mary" but with an "S"). I encourage you to look at some of the work I've done by visiting my Gallery page or to read what former brides have had to say about their Glitz Toppers on the Testimonials page. You can also find out more about how I got started under "About Us" and learn how the first crystal covered monogram cake topper was created. If you're heart is already set on a monogram cake topper and you're ready to start building your custom creation, allow me to guide you through all the steps. We are talking about your wedding, where even the smallest detail matters, so I'll cover all the options and will try not to leave anything out! I want you to enjoy picking out your Topper and not have this portion of your wedding planning experience be remembered as overwhelming or stressful. You are in good hands and I am here to help. Please don't hesitate to call on my me if you need any help or guidance. Timing Since each Topper is made to order, there are a few different steps that have to take place once your order is placed. Make sure to cross reference our Calendar with your event date to make sure we can get it to you in time and so that you can order in plenty of time to avoid uneccessary rush charges. Cake Topper Type The first thing you'll want to decide is what kind of topper you want: Single Letter, Full Monogram, or a custom shape (including a monogram that has already been crafted for you that I can duplicate as a cake topper). If you opt for a single letter topper, you will next want to determine what height topper you need based on the diameter of your top cake tier. If you are leaning towards a full monogram, I offer two types, traditional (xYz) and modern (X&Z), which come in standard heights. Check out "Cake Topper Types" for more details. Font(s) Choosing the font(s) probably will take the longest amount of time. You can search the fonts by name or by letter. Using the Preview feature can help with visualization and in determining if different fonts look ok together or not. Be thinking about if you'd like custom changes, like loops added/removed, or the mid section of an H reduced/expanded. We can work together to get your letters perfect but this is an option that will need to be accounted for when an order is placed. Letter Details Other letter upgrades are also available. Platinum color letters come standard but you have the option of upgrading to a gold coating. The standard thickness of each letter is 1/8". You may upgrade the thickness to 3/8" to give the Topper more depth and substance. Crystal Colors When picking out your crystal colors, think about the other colors used to decorate your cake so that you avoid clashing. Do you want the Topper to be the focal point (dark colors) or an accent (light colors)? Do you want all of your wedding colors represented in the Topper or maybe one in particular that is lacking in other places? The pictures of the crystals were modified to reflect their real life color as accurately as possible, but crystal colors do vary in different lighting. Upon request, crystal samples can be provided. Crystal Coverage Where do you want the crystals!? Every order comes with the option of full or partial crystal coverage. Check out the pictures of each on the Gallery section. If platinum or gold is a color in your wedding, having partial coverage is an easy way to incorporate that color into your cake. Crystals can also be placed on the back of your Topper. You might want to consider this as an option if your cake table is not agaainst a wall. If you opted to upgrade the thickness of your letters, crystals can also be placed on the sides, for the fully encrusted look. Keepsake The cake pegs are removeable so that you can preserve the memories of your wedding by having your cake topper on display.