Phone Number

In the event that we have a question about your order or need to provide you with a status update, please provide a phone number where you can be reached or where a message can be left.

Email Address

Being that we are an Internet based business, our primary mode of communication is via email. Shipping notification will be emailed to you so please provide an accurate email address (and please take necessary steps to ensure email from don't get flagged as junk mail). We will never sell or rent your email address.

Event Date

Your event date is required so that rush orders can be distinguished from regular orders. We default to have your order delivered within 3-4 weeks from the time your order is placed, however, your event date is used as a check to ensure that no event is ever missed. If you require your topper prior to the event (destination weddings for example), please enter the date you need it by.

Require Signature

Toppers are sent out in a 12" x 12" x 2" box. If it doesn't fit in your mailbox, it is usually left nearby or at the front door. If you prefer that it be kept at the Post Office and that a signature be required, please check this box. The $2.00 fee will be added to the shipping charge.

Credit Card CVV Code

The CVV Code is the 3 or 4 digit code imprinted on your credit card. Only a few banks require it so if you don't have it handy, you can try submitting your order without it. (It will let you know the reason it failed if your bank requires it.)

'Gold' coating

Your Topper will be cut from high quality aluminum, which has a brushed silver colored finish. The option to have the letters finished in a matte gold coating is available by checking the box

Brushed Silver Color (Standard)

Matte Gold Color

Partial Crystal Coverage

You have the option of having the whole letter covered in crystals or only having part of the letter covered with crystals, allowing some of the aluminum to show. There are pictures of both on the Gallery page, look for '(Partial)' in the caption.



Double Sided

All orders include the front side of your Topper to be covered in crystals (partial or full coverage). This option should only be checked if you want the back side of your Topper to also be covered in crystals. Price varies according to Topper type.

3/8" Thick

Standard thickness of the letters is 1/8" achieving a delicate look on top of the cake. A 3/8" thickness is available for an increased price, giving your Topper a more substantive look. Both are cut from aluminum, so the 1/8" is no less durable or sturdy than the 3/8", the only difference is the appearance.

3/8" Thick

1/8" Thick (Standard)

Cover Sides

If you've selected to change the thickness of your Topper to 3/8", it is also optional to get the sides fully covered in crystals, maximizing the sparkle factor. Price varies according to Topper type.


No Sides (Standard)


Make sure to reference the preview window to make sure you've selected the exact letter you want.


I have adjusted the picture of each crystal to reflect the color as accurately as possible. However, crystals do vary in shades depending on lighting and computer screens may reflect colors differently. Complementary crystal samples can be requested prior to placing your order.